Client Scenario Patent Services

Client Profile A: Patents

Matt, a football enthusiast, conceived a concept for improving a quarterback’s passing form after watching his favorite quarterback struggle throwing accurate passes during his first season in the pros...

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Client Scenario Trademark Services

Client Profile B: Trademarks

Gwen, an up and coming clothing designer, is advertising her designs but is unsure on how to protect her company and design names from knock-off suppliers and other competitors. Gwen contacts an intellectual property attorney to discuss options...

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Client Scenario Licensing Services

Client Profile C: Licensing

Big Tech, a Fortune 500 company in Bay Area California, is constantly the target of patent suits from third parties. Big Tech needs an offensive and defensive patent licensing strategy so they contact a patent attorney...

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Trademarks & Copyrights

A trademark helps consumers distinguish goods and services in the marketplace. A trademark may include a word, phrase, logo design, or a combination of these elements.

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Litigation Support

Our firm provides attorney manpower and expertise for Intellectual Property (IP) litigation matters. Particularly, we can manage discovery, analyze infringement claims and prepare defenses for your case.

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Obtaining patents on inventions and innovations may be the best-known way to protect the value of IP. As such, managing the patenting process is a central element of our firm.

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Licensing IP assets provides companies with an opportunity to generate additional revenue streams and form partnerships with other innovative companies in industry.

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