Scenario C:

Big Tech, a Fortune 500 company in the San Francisco Bay Area, is constantly the target of patent suits from competitors and non-practicing entities (NPE’s). Big Tech needs an offensive and defensive patent licensing strategy so they contact a patent attorney (“Attorney”).

Big Tech explained to Attorney that they have received numerous Cease and Desist letters from both direct and non-direct competitors, in addition to NPE’s alleging that Big Tech is infringing their patented invention(s).

Attorney worked with Big Tech’s in-house legal team and selected engineers to come up with defenses to the claims of patent infringement. In addition, Attorney developed an offensive strategy for Big Tech which included finding evidence of infringement of Big Tech’s patents by direct and non-direct competitors.

After infringement evidence was obtained, Attorney worked with Big Tech’s in-house legal team to determine which companies Big Tech should pursue licensing agreements with according to pre-determined criteria. As a result of Attorney’s efforts, Big Tech is more equipped to handle intellectual property disputes.