The Law Offices of Herbert T Patty, is a law firm uniquely positioned to provide strategic patent services. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley’s technology and venture capital community, our firm leverages technical, business, and legal expertise to help budding companies and investors transform technical ingenuity into industry leading enterprises.

Our firm offers a wide-range of intellectual property (“IP”) services including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and licensing. Our professionals are capable of drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a number of technologies such as the electrical, semiconductor, telecommunications, networking, computer, software, medical, and mechanical areas. Our professionals also have experience in patent portfolio management.

Our firm is committed to working within the financial expectations of our clients. Our professionals recognize that success in the creation and management of intellectual property (“IP”) requires our work product to meet clients’ expectations and budgets. Accordingly, we strive to understand a client’s financial expectations and objectives before working on a particular matter.

Our firm is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology, business, and law. Professionals at our firm have extensive technical experience and counsel individuals on the legal and business impact of their matters. Whether it is counseling individuals on how to monetize their IP or advising individuals on the best way to protect their business’ trade secrets, our firm can help individuals and entities meet their needs.