The Law Office of Herbert T. Patty offers a host of intellectual property services. Please contact us to schedule an attorney consultation if you have legal matters similar to any of the following:


  • You have an invention and would like to file a patent application.
  • You have an invention and would like to disclose it to third parties.
  • You have an invention but have limited funds to file a standard (non-provisional) patent application.


  • You want exclusive rights to use your brand name for products and services.
  • You discovered a competitor misappropriating your brand name.
  • You received a cease and desist letter informing you that you are infringing another entity’s trademark rights.


  • You want to protect and maintain exclusive rights to lyrics to a song.
  • You need to know whether you can copy pages from a text book for teaching purposes.
  • You would like to determine whether you can independently create and distribute a sequel to a popular movie.


  • You would like to monetize your company’s intellectual property assets.
  • Your company has received a demand letter alleging patent infringement.
  • You would like to remove limited-valued assets from your intellectual property portfolio.

Trade Secrets

  • You are the sole proprietor of a start-up and plan to hire employees.
  • Your top engineer submits a two-week notice to leave your company.
  • You are developing a new software application and have sought out the services of a contractor to develop a portion of the software application.